Designing i18n platform

Designing an i18n system that supports the growth of a global startup. There are three requirements:

  • language
  • time and timezone
  • number and currency


Internationalization is called 18n because the letter i is followed by 18 letters and then the word ends in n. The i18n engineering solution we designed this time is to address the following issues in web and mobile app development.

  1. Language
  2. Time and time zone
  3. Figures and currency


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Great article.
I have been playing i18n for a while as well. There are some other significant but across the globe language phenomena which will need to be addressed by translator, such as

  1. The gender tune, gender tuning plays a role in both verbs and nouns
  2. Time tense, such as in Chinese it’s mostly ignored but in English it’s constantly emphasized.
  3. The number spelling are harder and affecting plural tune, for example in Russian, numbers ending in {1}, {2,3,4}, {5,6,7,8,9,0} are in different plural groups, which needs special handling.
  4. Other tones such as Honorific speech, addressing etc, which is sometimes particularly important in toB applications.

These require the system to have additional features of:

  1. presenting annotation for a translation task, with parameterized input, explanation of input, instruction of special handling of individual cases above if required.
  2. because of that, it requires scheme and structural storage for a translation management system
  3. the workflow could plugin an optional review process, which will generate review task.