FinTech System Design

608 2021-05-21 16:40

If you are a technology worker in the FinTech industry and wondering what is happening under the hood, this is the best-in-class sources for you!

We will go through a series of building blocks of modern financial systems, following these design principles:

  • async a lot: calls to various value networks are time-consuming in their own ways, so that we have use async design to improve the user experience and decouple complex dependencies.
  • horizontal scalable: developers are more expensive than machines.
  • modularization: we design individual modules that could start as components living in the same runtime but could evolve into standalone services when the system scales.

Here is the table of contents:

Centralized Finance

Deposit Account

  • ACH
  • Wire
  • Check

Credit Card


Electronic Payment Methods

Payment Request API

Goal: eliminate checkout forms

Digital Wallet


Fraud & Risk

Stock Exchange


Security & Compliance

Decentralized Finance


Smart Contract


Digital Wallet


Decentralized crypto exchanges

Case Study

Chinese DC/EP

Facebook Novi and Intermittence

Stripe and Aggregators

Plaid One-click

Transaction Fee and Bargaining Power

Apple Pay

Customer’s Perspective


  • faster and easier than cards and cash
  • retailing-first
  • privacy and security by design

Developer’s Perspective

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