Thinking Software Architecture as Physical Buildings

2643 2018-08-12 02:06

What is architecture?

Architecture is the shape of the software system. Thinking it as a big picture of physical buildings.

  • paradigms are bricks.
  • design principles are rooms.
  • components are buildings.

Together they serve a specific purpose, like a hospital is for curing patients and a school is for educating students.

Why do we need architecture?

Behavior vs. Structure

Every software system provides two different values to the stakeholders: behavior and structure. Software developers are responsible for ensuring that both those values remain high.

::Software architects are, by virtue of their job description, more focused on the structure of the system than on its features and functions.::

Ultimate Goal - saving human resources costs per feature

Architecture serves the full lifecycle of the software system to make it easy to understand, develop, test, deploy, and operate. The goal is to minimize the human resources costs per business use-case.

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