How to work with Achiever, Activator, Adaptor, Analyzer, and Arranger

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To work with Achiever

  1. Work hard with them. They are annoyed by slackers.
  2. Invite them to meetings that you really need them and they can be fully engaged. Otherwise, leave them alone and let them get things done.
  3. They often sleep less and get up earlier. Ask them “how late did you work to get things done?” Also, “when did you come here this morning?” They appreciate attention like this.

To work with Activator

  1. Tell them that I know they can make things happen and I may ask them for help at critical times. It energizes them.
  2. Learn from their complaints and offer new initiatives that they can lead, and follow up immediately. If they are left unchecked, they can stir up quickly.
  3. Ask them what new goals or improvements our team needs to achieve and then help them make progress towards those goals.

To work with Adaptor

  1. Their flexible table makes them a valuable addition to almost every team.
  2. Their willingness to “go with the flow” makes them easy to collaborate.
  3. They are most productive on short-term and immediately actionable assignments. Long and drawn-out campaigns make them feel boring.

To work with Analyzer

  1. Take time to think with them when they are involved in making important decisions. They like to know all the key factors.
  2. Defend my idea with data. They believe numbers.
  3. They value accuracy over speed. Therefore, make sure they have the necessary time to do things right when the deadline is near.

To work with Arranger

  1. They are excited by complex assignments and thrive in cases when they have many things going on at the same time.
  2. They are good at positioning members in the project team because they know the strengths of people.
  3. They are resourceful so feel confident that if they find if something is not working, they can figure out other ways.

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