How to work with Believer, Commander, Communicator, Competitor, and Connector

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To work with Believer,

  1. Discover their passion and help them connect it to the work they have to do.
  2. Understand their rock-solid commitments to their families and communities. We can express our appreciation, and they will respect us for it.
  3. If we do not share their belief system, we have to understand and respect it; otherwise, there will be conflicts.

To work with Commander,

  1. Always ask them for what is happening in the organization and then will often give straight answers. They are not head-nodders so they may raise different ideas from your own.
  2. Look to them to take charge when people need to be persuaded, and things need to be unblocked.
  3. Never threaten them unless we are 100% ready.

To work with Communicator,

  1. They are good at carrying conversations. Ask them to come to social gatherings, and they entertain prospects or customers well.
  2. Take time to listen to them. They will enjoy talking, and we will enjoy hearing. Also, our relationship will be closer because of it.
  3. Discuss plans of social events with them. They often have good ideas for both the entertainment and what to be communicated at that event.

To work with Competitor,

  1. Use competitive language with them. They think it is a win-or-lose world.
  2. Help them find places where they can win; otherwise, if they lose all the time, they will not play it. They compete to win, not to have fun.
  3. They feel bad after losing. Let them mourn for a while. Then help them to find another opportunity to win.

To work with Connector,

  1. They feel strong connections and will defend their social issues strongly. Listen carefully to what inspires their passion.
  2. Encourage them to build bridges across different organizations. They know how things are connected and they excel at showing people how they rely on each other.
  3. If we also have the dominant “connector” talents, share articles, writings, and experiences with them, which can reinforce each other’s focus.

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