How to work with Consistentor, Context Provider, and Deliberative

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To work with Consistentor,

  1. Be supportive when they are facing great changes because they are comfortable with predictable patterns only.
  2. They prefer getting things done over doing more abstract work like brainstorming or long-range planning.
  3. Ask them to help recognize others after the completion of a project. They make sure that each person gets the accolades they deserve.

To work with Context Provider,

  1. Turn to this person for reviewing what has been done and known during meetings, and they will let people know the context.
  2. They reflect past histories and think in terms of case studies. We can expect them to help others learn - “what happened? What did we learn?”
  3. When introducing them to new friends, ask them to talk about their backgrounds before getting down to business.

To work with Deliberative,

  1. Ask them to join teams that are impulsive so they can temporize those teams with thoughtfulness.
  2. They tend to be rigorous thinkers so ask their inputs to identify land mines before making a decision.
  3. Respect that they may be private. Do not become too familiar with them too quickly unless invited. Don’t take it personally if they need some personal spaces and keep us at arm’s distance.

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