Ads Ecosystem

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Ads Ecosystem

  • Brand / Advertiser: individuals or organizations who want to publish advertising messages to the customers.

  • Agency: they help the brand to interact with the rest of the ecosystem and manage the whole lifecycle of the advertising messages, including planning, creating, and distributing ad campaigns.

  • Trading Desk: It streamlines the media buying process.

  • Demand-side Platform (DSP): it automates online ad inventory and buying, helping agencies to manage accounts across different accounts and campaigns through one platform.

  • Data-management Platform (DMP)

    1. Ads-based Analytics: attrition, targeting, profiling, session replay, and more.
    2. Anti-fraud
    3. Market-based Analytics
  • Ad Exchange / Real-time Bidding (RTB): It matches ads suppliers with buyers.

  • Ad Network: It aggregates publisher inventory and sells it to advertisers.

  • Supply Side Platform (SSP): It monitors the entire ads inventory and suggest prices for ad space.

  • Publisher: Ad-space owners like website operators.

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