BOZ Personal Growth Loops

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Architects model the world in system thinking to optimize everything. As an engineer and businessman, I am continually working on the orchestration of work and life and maintain a high personal growth rate. Lessons learned are generalized to the BOZ growth loops.

Personal Growth Loop

BOZ is the acronym for a big loop that engages three small loops:

  • Build and Sell Loop. Build products and sell them. Solve problems and get paid.
  • Outlook and Invest Loop. Be radically curious to seek truth from facts. And optimize the web of customers, channels, people, tech, and capital.
  • Zen MSEP Loop. Being present and do everything with mindfulness. Fuel the mind and body by moving, sleeping, eating, and playing well with people.

Two sources of distress

Stress is a good thing for people while the distress is not.

  1. Stagnation: You are stuck in one step of the loops.
  2. Frictions: Too many frictions prevent small wins.

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