Nir Eyal: How to be indistractable?

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The ability to stay focused is the key to achieve your goals in a world full of temptations. Nir Eyal, the author of the bestseller book, Hooked, revealed his way of fighting against distractions in his new book, indistractable.

Why are we so easily distracted? There might be external causes sometimes. However, in most cases, it turns out distraction has internal sources. We are distracted because we want to escape from discomfort. To avoid distraction, we need to solve the problem from inside.

Identify internal triggers and beat them

Next time you feel inclined to distraction, try to record your feelings and what triggers that. That’s how you can identify internal triggers in the first place. Then you can try to avoid the triggers by making tasks more fun.

Plan quality time for yourself before work

To have a plan can prevent you from distraction because you will know what exactly you are striving for. However, scheduling for work is not the best place to start. On the contrary, plan for yourself and your relationships first, and then you will not escape to your hobbies in the middle of work.

Cut down on office distractions and learn to organize

Office distractions such as email notifications are typical external triggers. Let others know that you need to be entirely focused on the task at hand, so they are not supposed to interrupt you. Also, learn to sort your emails more effectively and make sure only a few emails demand your attention every day. Other than emails, there are other forms of distraction in the workplace. Learn to organize them in the least distracting way.

Make use of pacts to prevent distraction

You have to be aware of the fact that the battle between you and distraction is not a one-day fight. Maybe you can try an APP to block your access to distracting. Or find a study buddy to focus together. Imposing fines for missing targets also sounds practical, which has been testified by the author.

Contribute to a functional work culture

Dysfunctional work culture is the beginning of endless distraction, in which employees are overburdened and even required to answer emails after work. Employers should create a platform that enables employees to give feedbacks safely without be worried about getting fired. Step by step, the company can head towards a functional work culture.

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