US Navy Pre-Flight School: How to fall asleep in 120 seconds?

3064 2018-09-24 23:16

Why fall sleep fast?

In the battle ground, if you don’t sleep, you’ll burn out pretty quickly. You’ll make bad decisions. You’ll let people down and become a liability.

How to fall asleep in 120 seconds?

Principle: Relax the whole body one part by another and don’t think.

  1. Stretch out
  2. Relax face muscles and slow down everything
  3. Relax upper body
    1. Let shoulders drop as low as they can
    2. Breathe in deeply. Then exhale slowly, blowing out all of the tension
    3. Relax arms. If it’s not relaxing, tense it first, then let it go loose
    4. Relax fore arm
    5. Relax hand
  4. Relax legs
  5. Not think about anything
    1. keep your mind still. You can do this by holding a static image in your head
    2. If that doesn’t work, say the words “don’t think… don’t think… don’t think” over and over for at least 10 second

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