What can we communicate in soft skills interview?

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What is an interview?

An interview is a process for workers to find future co-workers, during which they are finding signals to answer the following three key questions:

  1. capability question - can you do the job?
  2. willingness question - will you do the job?
  3. culture-fit question - will you fit in?

Why is soft skill so important?

None of the critical questions above can be answered without good communication. Your job will be taken away by people who can talk better than you.

Generic answers (stories) to prepare

  1. hard-won triumph. How do you deal with failure? Briefly talk about the harshest moment, and then focus on how you battled back, and then salute the people who helped you. It demonstrates that you have the grit, team-building skills, and relevance to the job.
  2. influence. Can you guide people to yes? leaders = visionaries who inspire self-sacrifice. A leader does not exist without the ability to persuade.
  3. technical skills. Do you have a story proving your great technical skills?
  4. culture-fit. The FBI used to ask prospective agents what books they read until an underground network of tipsters figured out the ideal answer: “Tom Clancy spy novels.”
  5. fascination. What’s fascinating about you? What makes you different from other people?

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