Public API Choices

10640 2018-10-04 01:38

In summary, to choose a tool for the public API, API gateway, or BFF (Backend For Frontend) gateway, I prefer GraphQL for its features like tailing results, batching nested queries, performance tracing, and explicit caching.

Usecases Etherum Github V2, Airbnb, Facebook BFF / API Gateway Swagger High performance, Google, internal endpoints
Single Endpoint
Type System ✅ as weak as JSON
No uint64

No uint64
✅ w/ Swagger
No uint64

has uint64
Tailored Results
Batch nested queries
Versioning Schema Extension Yes, w/ v1/v2 route s Field Numbers in protobuf
Error Handling Structured Structured HTTP Status Code Structured
Playground UI GraphQL Bin Swagger
Performance tracing ? Apollo plugin ? ?
caching No or HTTP cache control Apollo plugin HTTP cache control Native support not yet. but still yes w/ HTTP cache control
Problem Lack of community support and toolchainBarrister IDL 42.51 kb client-side bundle size Unstructured with multiple endpoints. awful portability. Grpc-web dev in progress140kb JS bundle. Compatibility issues: not all places support HTTP2 and grpc dependencies

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