Designing Uber

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Disclaimer: All things below are collected from public sources or purely original. No Uber-confidential stuff here.


  • ride hailing service targeting the transportation markets around the world
  • realtime dispatch in massive scale
  • backend design


uber architecture

Why micro services?

Conway’s law says structures of software systems are copies of the organization structures.

Monolithic Service Micro Services
Productivity, when teams and codebases are small ✅ High ❌ Low
Productivity, when teams and codebases are large ❌ Low ✅ High (Conway’s law)
Requirements on Engineering Quality ❌ High (under-qualified devs break down the system easily) ✅ Low (runtimes are segregated)
Dependency Bump ✅ Fast (centrally managed) ❌ Slow
Multi-tenancy support / Production-staging Segregation ✅ Easy ❌ Hard (each individual service has to either 1) build staging env connected to others in staging 2) Multi-tenancy support across the request contexts and data storage)
Debuggability, assuming same modules, metrics, logs ❌ Low ✅ High (w/ distributed tracing)
Latency ✅ Low (local) ❌ High (remote)
DevOps Costs ✅ Low (High on building tools) ❌ High (capacity planning is hard)

Combining monolithic codebase and micro services can bring benefits from both sides.

Dispatch Service

  • consistent hashing sharded by geohash
  • data is transient, in memory, and thus there is no need to replicate. (CAP: AP over CP)
  • single-threaded or locked matching in a shard to prevent double dispatching

Payment Service

The key is to have an async design, because payment systems usually have a very long latency for ACID transactions across multiple systems.

UserProfile Service and Trip Service

  • low latency with caching
  • UserProfile Service has the challenge to serve users in increasing types (driver, rider, restaurant owner, eater, etc) and user schemas in different regions and countries.

Push Notification Service

  • Apple Push Notifications Service (not quite reliable)
  • Google Cloud Messaging Service GCM (it can detect the deliverability) or
  • SMS service is usually more reliable

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