Nigel Marsh: How to make work-life balance work?

2935 2018-08-30 19:46
  1. All the discussions about flexi-time or dress-down Fridays or paternity leave only serve to mask the core issue, which is that certain job and career choices are fundamentally incompatible with being meaningfully engaged on a day-to-day basis with a young family.

  2. governments and corporations aren’t going to solve this issue for us. If you don’t design your life, someone else will design it for you.

  3. we have to be careful with the time frame that we choose upon which to judge our balance. A day is too short; “after I retire” is too long.

  4. We need to approach balance in a balanced way. Lovely though physical exercise may be, there are other parts to life — there’s the intellectual side; there’s the emotional side; there’s the spiritual side. And to be balanced, I believe we have to attend to all of those areas.

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