Applying Aristotle's Three Means of Persuasion to Your Copywriting

33310 2020-02-25 22:22

Copywriting is the simplest and most direct way of impressing your customers. Persuasive copywriting = three means of persuasion + copywriting. Three means of persuasion are emotion, logic, and credibility.

1. Capturing readers’ emotions

An excellent copywriting creates emotional resonance with customers. And emotions push people to act. If your copywriting hits the bottom of the consumers’ hearts, customers will spend much time and money on your products.

2. Cultivating creative thinking

More than rhetoric, creative writing deals with real problems. Using real-world practices to improve your creativity:

  • Writing more in various styles.
  • Reading more fiction and digging into people’s emotions.
  • Jumping out of the comfort zone, learning something new, and asking harsh questions against yourself.

3. Considering different requirements for different assignments

4. Telling stories and secrets to customers

Telling a secret is a beautiful way to ignite customers’ interest – Most people are curious about things behind-the-scenes. Doing this improves the click-through rate (CTR).

5. Applying sweet talk

Straight compliments satisfy customers’ self-esteem. People like to feel unique. This method originates from the three types of persuasion by Aristotle.

6. Valuing less of the grammar

It does not mean you can completely ignore the grammar. Our ultimate goal is to convey the message to customers. Sometimes, concise and crisp expressions are the most important, instead of grammar.

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