Telemetry Product Management Framework

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A key role of product management (PM), whether as the product-focused founder (CEO, CTO) or the PM leader, is making sure product development efforts are focused.

  • finite resources to market needs in the march towards product-market fit
  • working furiously to maintain a competitive lead

Is process a bad thing? My guiding principle or golden rule of process is to never ask for something from someone that does not directly help them to get their own work done.

Product Roadmap in Telemetry


Telemetry Framework

When the tool overwhelms it isn’t used and so it doesn’t matter - e.g. a giant Gantt chart. The telemetry spreadsheet is more helpful.

telemetry framework

This tool is the right level of complexity for projects from 10 to 5000 people in my experience.

benefits: it is a resources allocation guideline

  • Any given person can look at their own work and know where they are and where it fits in
  • At any time, one can see how much of the time (resource) overall is going to support a given project or goal
  • Know which tasks are too far out, too big
  • Know which resources are over-constrained

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