Building momentum for startup

27575 2020-03-20 14:51
  • Listen to customers

    • Continuously communicate with customers
      • Making friends with customers is the simplest strategy: once they become your friends, you can bother them for feedback frequently. To a certain extent, sending chat messages is easier than emails and meetings.
    • Pick customers you serve
      • Exclude customers who are not painful about the problem you are solving
      • Exclude customers who want features that you haven’t made yet
  • Fast execution

    • Define just the right scope
      • Usually, satisfy the simplest use case and wait to see what else people want. You will naturally know what to do next.
    • Develop an intuition for problem-solving
    • Maximize autonomy and promote a culture of prioritization by persuasion. At the same time, allow teams to choose their work based on their emotions, lives, and interests. Use persuasiveness and dynamic adjustment to drive progress.

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